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We function like an in house HR department at a fraction of the cost.


Jennifer Sara Doherty, CEO, MIRHR


We are passionate about freeing business owners from the stress of HR issues that they do not have the experience or bandwidth to handle.


Our clients are small to mid size businesses who do not have HR expertise on staff, but who understand the value of having an HR company working for them, and for their employees.


Our clients are relieved of the stress of “not knowing what they don’t know” in terms of how a human resources function should work within a business, and they are able to achieve the benefits of having such a function without investing in a full time HR person, or an entire department. Some of these benefits are: better employee retention, higher productivity, less organizational conflict and the ability to attract better candidates.


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Starting Up? Growing Fast? We Can Help


Just getting started? Not sure how to get your ducks in a row?  Feeling lost!? We can get you sorted. We offer a complete HR audit for startups that evaluates 10 different dimensions of the HR function in order to create an HR strategic plan just for you. It’s the perfect way to start your business right and to have experts in your corner for all of your HR needs.

Growing Businesses

A fast-growing business presents very unique challenges. It’s a transition from a few people wearing many hats to your people’s roles becoming more specialized. It’s not uncommon that having a good HR strategy and set of policies falls by the wayside causing very real problems. As an on-demand fractional HR company we can help you avoid these problems without the expense of a full-time HR staff member.

Our Services

Fractional HR

Ongoing guidance by phone or web conference on HR issues currently affecting your business.

HR Projects
HR on Call

Why Work With Us

Business Is Always Personal

Cliche yes, but also true.

Is there anything worse than dealing with huge companies that have an ever-changing set of cast members? This will not be your experience when working with us. We have a small but dedicated and tight-knit group of friendly professionals who will become familiar faces in your business world as we work together to streamline your HR function and deal with any new our ongoing HR issues.

For us it’s all about building relationships, so let’s get started!


No Cookie-cutter Solutions

You need a personalized customized plan just for your business. After all, your business is absolutely unique and unlike any other.

We don’t just send checklists and standardized forms. We work with you to determine the best HR strategy for you and then build an HR function that’s just the right size and built for where your company is right now.

If you need help with your HR strategy, we would love to hear from you.


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