Professional Background

My Why

Hi, I’m Jennifer Doherty and I became interested in a career in Human Resources from working in organizations that did not treat their employees fairly. I felt there must be a better way. I felt that there were hidden costs to this treatment and that these organizations were being short sighted by not being fair, as it resulted in significant turnover and a tremendous loss of knowledge. I still strongly believe this today. That does not mean I encourage my clients to spend money on employee programs without ROI. Far from it, I work with my clients to optimize the employee-employer relationship so everyone benefits.

Education & Experience

  • BA Honours, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Saint Mary’s University
  • Post Grad Certificate in Human Resources Management, Saint Mary’s University
  • Masters in Human Resources & Industrial Relations, University  of Toronto.

20+ years experience in Human Resources across a wide range of industries: Legal, Media, Communications, IT, and Regulatory, with a particular focus in the areas of Employee Relations, Performance Management, Benefits, Recruitment and Employee Programs.

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