Fractional HR

Fractional HR

With fractional HR outsourcing, you can gain access to a seasoned HR professional’s knowledge, experience, and expertise at a fraction of the cost and without committing to an employment arrangement.

A dedicated HR specialist will be available by phone, email, text, Slack, or video conference to help you manage daily HR operations, unique challenges, and longer-term HR initiatives. Packages start at $3500.00 per month.

What Is Fractional HR?

Fractional HR is an ideal service for small to mid-size businesses growing and becoming concerned about a lack of HR support. These services support your team up with a skilled HR professional without the expense of bringing on a full-time employee.

A dedicated HR team will service your organization’s HR needs with customized strategic advice for your business. We consistently apply human resources best practices, but there are no cookie-cutter HR solutions here! We cater our advice and activities to your unique business needs, ensuring the best ROI for your investment.

How Do Fractional HR Services Support Businesses?

Fractional HR gives you a tailored, cost-effective HR plan for your business. It supports growing your business, staying within legal boundaries, onboarding new employees, employee engagement, and making your workplace better for everyone.

This service is adaptable and affordable, providing you with HR assistance just when it’s needed. It can be short or long-term.

Small business owners can enjoy having an HR business partner who takes care of most HR tasks, such as developing HR strategies, employee handbooks for new hires, and audits, among other HR processes based on your specific needs.

Here are some scenarios where fractional HR can be helpful.

  • Scenario #1: Scaling

A tech startup that got some funding and wants to grow. They’re focused on hiring the right people to help the company innovate and expand. That’s when a fractional HR consultant comes in, using their extensive experience to create a hiring strategy that fits the startup’s goals. The startup increases in size, putting together a team that matches the company’s culture and aims for long-term achievements—yet they still haven’t needed to pay for an HR department.

  • Scenario #2: Developing Leadership and Culture 

Imagine a family-run restaurant chain going through a significant change. Younger family members are starting to take over leadership roles. This is where bringing in some outside HR on a fractional basis help can really make a difference. They can offer coaching and help these new leaders grow, ensuring the restaurant keeps its unique character while trying out new ideas.

  • Scenario #3 Crisis Management and Employee Relations

Now, imagine what would happen if there were a serious HR problem. For instance, assume someone makes a harassment claim or employees are not getting along, but it’s an immediate problem, and broader HR services aren’t needed yet. This is when having a fractional HR expert can really save the day. They can handle the issue carefully and legally, helping to fix the problem without the cost of a full-time HR employee.

Our Fractional HR Services

Strategic HR Planning

Our HR team will work with your leadership to create a plan that aligns with where you want your business to go. We’ll concentrate on building up your team, encouraging their growth, and getting some ready to take on leadership roles in the future.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

We know the job market well and use that insight to help you find the perfect people for your team. We’ll assist in creating job ads, deciding where to post them for the best response, coming up with job descriptions, sorting through applications, and guiding you in choosing the top talent. We look beyond skills and also focus on finding people who will mesh well with your company’s culture.

Performance Management

We can create systems to track everyone’s work performance on a fractional basis. You can devote the hours you think are necessary to ensure everyone’s efforts align with the business’s goals. We’ll provide clear goals and feedback while developing plans to boost work performance.

This keeps everyone on the same page and aiming for the same targets. In turn, employee retention helps your business grow and become an even better place to work.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fractional HR

What Makes Fractional HR Different from Just Hiring an HR Company?

Fractional HR is like having a new team member without assigning tasks to someone outside. The person you work with gets involved in your business on an on-demand basis. They help you figure out what you need to grow, fit in with how your team works, and tackle any significant challenges you’re up against. You get to work together on a deeper level to sort out HR issues but without commitment to budgeting for HR. 

Can Fractional HR Help with Following the Rules and Avoiding Problems?

Absolutely. Depending on how much time they’re allotted, they can help your business comply with the laws and devise ways to lower any risks. This is a great way to ensure your business stays out of trouble with legal issues or other potential problems.

Who Benefits Most from Functional HR? 

Almost any small or medium-sized company can find fractional human resources helpful, especially if it’s experiencing rapid growth or navigating industries that often see regulation changes.

Businesses in the tech field, manufacturing, health care, and new startups tend to appreciate how fractional HR can help them expand properly, handle legal matters smoothly, and create a positive employee environment.

What’s the Cost of Fractional HR?

The price of fractional HR services can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of your business and the level of assistance you need.

The best way to know is to reach out for an estimate.

Request Fractional HR Services Now  

Keeping up with changes can be challenging for any business, but having good HR support helps. At JSD Consulting, we’ll help your business achieve its most significant goals.

With fractional HR, dealing with complicated HR policies and regulations becomes much easier. You build a place where everyone’s happy to work hard and do their best. This prepares your business to grow, allowing you to try new things and seize new opportunities when they come up. Don’t let your HR issues slow you down. Contact us today!