A Super Secret for You!

Those of you who know me personally know that I get very focused on achieving my goals.

It reinforces the need to have clear and concise written goals so that energy and time isn't wasted.

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My old running coach Olympic Bronze medalist Barry Magee said to me a couple of years ago when we we're having a catch up you we're always a big dreamer and he qualified that by saying without big dreams we can't achieve big goals.

I know as a track athlete I was always aiming for national or world records, even when I wasnt fit enough to achieve them but I was working everyday to getting myself into the shape to have a go.

A little everyday is something we need to apply to not only fitness but to our network marketing business. Where do you want to be in your business in 12 months time?

What rank do you want to have achieved?

Does your company provide amazing life changing incentive trips?

Have you planned to attend next years?

Have you got a written plan outlining the steps you need to take to achieve your goals?

One year away seems like forever but if we break it down into 12 monthly subsections then the self accountability begins.

Take your 12 month goal and then decide what you need to do on a monthly basis to achieve the big goal.

You will need some markers and the month end is a good time to evaluate what you have achieved and to monitor whether you are behind or ahead of your target.

Having weekly targets helps to keep the momentum going but the real secret to achieving your 12 month goal is to have a daily list that is specific action that will move you towards your final goal.

When I was a track athlete I based my whole training around the annual National Track & Field Championships. I was confident that I was good enough to be there so I then just had to do something towards that goal every day of the year.

Achieving your business goals is no different; in fact I would say it is easier.

Our team has a system that works. We know that if you are serious about achieving in this business and you follow the plan and do the work on a consistent and persistent basis then you will have success.

The challenge is not starting; it actually knowing where you want to end up.

The late great Jim Rohn says For things to change You need to change.

My challenge to you is this.

Are your dreams big enough?

Have you crystallized them onto paper?

And finally what have you done today to change where you will be in 12 months time?

Take the time today to create the future you want tomorrow.

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