Top 6 Business Blog Writing Mishaps

Overly or failing to optimize for SEO can make a blog vanish into the dark fast. In blog writing, it is very important to optimize the content just right. Overly optimizing a post will cause the post to suffer in ranking and often readers will abandon the piece if it reads horribly. Another thing that will cause problems is the lack of quality control checks for the post. Not checking the content can leave a negative impression on consumers, whether professional or casual.

Fixing these Business Blog Writing Mishaps

How can a business fix these mishaps before publication and promotion? Blog writing is only one long step in the process between the development and publication for the web. To help combat the problem from number one, you can research your audience and find influencers in the industry. A detailed research into what your audience is looking for can be done through survey's, polls, researching trends and looking into past topics that have been successful for your business. The disorganized aspect is simpler to solve, the writer needs to spend more time organizing their ideas into coherent ideas before signing off on the post as a finished product. Spend the extra 20 minutes to work out the story idea before heading off to write it out. Failing to pre write the ideas down will lead to disorganized content, some ideas are not viable at the time in some blog writing elements. Pre writing can help you nail down the right story idea for the post. Pre writing can take up to an hour for ideas to flow out into notepad. Organize the ideas with supporting evidence and then format them into paragraphs and then write it out.

In some blog writing posts, the writer can get disorganized and the post can look like a nightmare. If the blog has pre designed elements in place before the text. The publisher can add the finished text and the post will look great. Some people can visualize the entire look out of the post, I'm not one of them and can make it look stellar without setting up the parameters beforehand. The optimization element will depend on your SEO strategy and keyword deployment options. In most cases, it's around 2% of the total text with some minor work with headings. The last one, failing to check for quality can be overcome by setting up policies for checking the post before publishing it live. This includes spelling, grammar, tone, styles and other options that you want to make sure it meets your expectations.

Blog Writing Beyond Marketing

A business can takes it's blog writing beyond with the right elements. Some good blogs feature videos, audio and other tools to help their readers dig deep into the subject matter. The right post design will depend on the needs of the business, there are vlogs and podcasts that are supplementary tools that can help. Sometimes keeping a blog for a business can take away too much time from running other tasks. Perhaps creativity has run it's course and a blog is abandoned. Don't let this happen to you. Contact us today for a free quote for blogging, articles, custom work or other needs..

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