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Facebook marketers are unsatisfied of late due to the seeming decline in news feed visibility. The suspicions in marketers believe that this is basically Facebooks way of compelling page admins to pay and endorse their posts in order to get the same publicity. Regardless of the accuracy of this conspiracy theory, the Facebook news feed is becoming a gradually competitive marketing space. So, in conclusion, we need to find out how we can achieve Facebooks full marketing potential.

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First off, we have to know what determines where and what posts appear on each individual users news feed in order to give users relevant and desired content. Facebook has provided us a news feed algorithm that contains three variables: affinity, weight, and time decay.

We don't have to dig so deep through Facebook. We just have to understand how these three variables work and how we can use them to our advantage.


The Affinity total is measured by the connection that you have with the user that created the content. If you are more solid in your connections, then you would most likely have a good total affinity score. If you have a great number of friends that Like a similar Page, it is more possible that you will appear in their newsfeed. Affinity is built by repeat interactions. Actions such as commenting, liking, sharing, clicking, and even messaging can influence the Affinity score.


There are two Weight types: post and interactions. The algorithm takes the Weight of posts into account through identifying whether the post is a photo, video, link, or "text only" status update. Weight is the value system that can identify whether to increase or decrease the value of certain actions within Facebook. For example, in the weighing system, comments would have a higher value than a Like since it is more interactive. As a general rule, we can assume that content that take the most time to accomplish tend to weigh more.

Time Decay

This generally refers to how long since the content has been published; the older it is, the less value it equates to. Its pretty much the easiest of the three variables to understand. As the content ages, it loses it's value. This helps the Facebook news feed to always have fresh, new content, as opposed to timeworn content.

Now that we understand the variables of Facebook marketing, we can properly tackle the effective ways to increase Facebook Fan Page Reach.

Post the right amount of content: Many Facebook page owners fail to post consistently. If you don't post enough, your content will never reach your fans no matter how heavy the quality. If you post too often, you will obviously run the risk of irritating your fans. The norm recommended in posting is at least 2-3 times per week.

Post Appealing & Relevant Content: It is never enough to post the right amount of content. Your posts must be heavy with quality. Always be seeker-friendly and put yourself in the perspective of your fans and ask yourself, Would I really care about this? Would I share this to my friends?. If your content is too "unrelatable:, then you should think twice before posting it.

Post at the right time: This is probably the most difficult thing to do as it involves loads of experimenting and testing in order to achieve results. Knowing when the majority of your fans are online is vital. The key in doing so is to understand your audience. It will take a lot of time but it is definitely worth it.

Keep it short & clean: Nobody likes to read a huge wall of text unless it's really a topic of their interest. Interesting content gained in a short amount of time will get more engagement than those that are long.

Post photos and videos: Its pretty straight to the point. Photos and videos are content heavy and if it's presented in the right quality, it will definitely benefit content affinity.

Offer prizes: A large majority of your fans will actually like and share your content if they can benefit through it.

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