How To Increase Productivity

Most of you might have heard a quote that "Laziness is the mother of all habits". Well, most of we people are lazy on work and are not much productive. There are several reasons for that like hating the work, laziness, physical problem and more. At that situation, the man neither can do the work nor wants to leave it because it's important. Just like sandwich, he is stuck in between. If you're one of them, we got some ways and tips for you on how to increase productivity. These tips will let you do the work on time and make you more productive if you follow and do them properly.

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How To Increase Productivity

Here is a list of ways and tips for you to increase your productivity:

  1. Fall in love with your work:One of the best way to be productive is to fall in love with work. If you're a student than you might have heard this from your teacher that you can't study well until you don't love to do it. Once you're in love than all other things will happens automatically.
  2. Best time to work:The best time to work is in the morning that's why schools, colleges, offices are opened in the morning. The reason is simple that in the morning, our mind and body is fresh and is able to do the most of work. A common example of working in morning is, most of the students study in dawn time.
  3. Concentrate on one thing:Don't try to be multi tasker because it looses the concentrate. Just try to concentrate and work on one thing because concentrate increases the ability to do work.
  4. Get away from annoying things:Does the noise outside of your window disturb you? Close the window or get into another room if there is problem with the window. Also if you're trying to work in your room than there might be your children making noise, T.V, people and all other things are noisy, just get away from them and work alone with silence.
  5. Don't communicate with people while working:Most of the people who work online are addicted to social networks such as Facebook, Skype, Google+, Email and check them first before working that looses productivity and interest to work. Just turn off all the communicating sources, also turn off your phone buddy and concentrate on work.
  6. Make to-do list:It works like a charm! You must make a to-do list on your smartphone or notepad but it should be such thing that you carry always with you and do the work on time. Never get let and try to leave the work, setting a timer will help you for this.
  7. Take Breaks:While writing this article, I took 5 minutes of break here! Taking breaks in the middle of work is important and it's great idea if you work for long hours. It is said that we can't work continuously for 90 minutes on only one task.
  8. Listen to your favorite audio songs while working (if suites):Another way that increases productivity is listening to favorite songs while working but in some situations it is not suitable like if you do writing job. But if you do cooking, cleaning than it will surely boost your productivity. And yes, songs must be in audio format.
  9. Get sweat sleep:If you're working whole the day or half of it than it's important to get sleep at-least 8 hours at night. Working all the night won't benefit. Just tried this personally few days ago and now changing the schedule.
  10. Get motivation:Motivation is also a great source of increasing productivity. If you go online and find some motivation quotes, clips than they can help you to take action immediately.
  11. Work in good mood:Sometimes mood also prevents to let us do work. Like if you recently argued with someone and your mood is angry than you won't be able to do work. So, getting happy mood is better.
  12. Use automated tools to save time:Try to find out automated tools that can help you to do a bit of work automatically.

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