Interview Series: Natalie Sisson


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Natalie is the creator of WomanzWorld Global Services Co. and The Suitcase Entrepreneur blog which helps women entrepreneurs create freedom in business and adventure in life by learning creative ways to run a business from anywhere. It includes blog articles, videos, resources, and tools

Her products include the Social Media Bootcamp, Passport to Business Freedom and the upcoming Ultimate Entrepreneurs Toolkit. These provide bite-sized chunks of easily digestible information on building a successful business.

She also offers Business Design coaching and Social Media Personal Training for small businesses on integrated marketing, effective use of social media, brand visibility and authority, and business growth method. Shes accumulated over 9 years of rich international experience across the full marketing spectrum including brand & product management, events, communications, business development, research and budgeting and of course social media.

Among other things she's a World Champion in Beach Ultimate and broke a World Record for Dragon Boating across the English Channel. She adores travel and adventure.


From the perspective of a social media manager what do I want to learn from Natalie Sisson, an expert Social Media Strategist?

What have been Natalies secrets to onlinesuccess?

  1. What practical steps she took and in whatorder to get the results she achieved
  2. What mindset/strategy sets her apartand was responsible for her success


Natalie is from New Zealand but has been travelling since age two. For the last five and a half years she's been living out of her suitcase travelling the world. Back in New Zealand she travelled during her child years and went to great schools. At university she received two degrees in record time information systems and tourism and service management and marketing. After graduating she took a year off to travel.

Shed always wanted to get into marketing, which was one of her first roles out of college back in New Zealand. She took on positions overseeing the broad scope of marketing including, event management, branding, communications, PR, and web presence. When she went to work in London, England she was urged to change her focus into a highly niched area of expertise but was resistant because it limited her ability to pull from different skill sets.

She managed to find high-level roles that enabled her to travel all throughout Europe in a product management role for some cool companies. It sparked her interest because she was able to utilize a lot of her different skills, practice different languages, and travel internationally.

After coming to Vancover in 2008 to play in the World Championship Ultimate Frisby, she was determined to start her own business around health and fitness. Her plan was to take her education into corporations to help them reduce their overhead in medical costs and insurance by teaching people how to live healthier lifestyles. Instead she met her business partner over a big glass of wine and cheese at a technology meetup. Her partner had an idea for a tech company which she thought was a great idea. He brought her in as a co-founder and for the next 18 months she worked in the roller coaster world of tech startups.

She was involved with everything from getting investors on board, to putting the business model together, to pitching and developing the product and it's features, to testing it out with customers, and doing all the marketing. During the marketing phase was when Natalie really got involved in social media because they had built their fundraising application on the Facebook platform, which is now the #1 social commerce fundraising application within Facebook.

It forced her to look at Facebook in a different way. Up until then she had been posting photos, updates, and checking in on her friends and really just using it as a personal tool. Through her experience developing the product she realized the social commerce side was very different from how it runs, to the algorithms, to the ever-changing features within Facebook. Her passion arose from utilizing social media as a tool for marketing, sales, and customer service. From there she branched out into Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and WordPress. She was interested in figuring out how to link them all into a seamless marketing, sales, and customer service department at your fingertips.

She started the Suitcase Entrepreneur in order to chart her entrepreneurial journey, interview more women in business to see how they we're using technology, and help others utilize the tools available today to start their own businesses.



  • Morning power hour: 5 minutes of yoga, exerciseoutside while listening to great music or an audiobook
  • Before starting any work she journals for200-250 words with an online tool called It helps her clarify her thoughts. She asks herself, Whatare my intentions for the day?
  • She doesn't check her social media or emailfor at least the first hour and a half because it's her time to write,create and produce.


  • More effective when working on planes andterminals
  • Whenever there's no wifi she's able to stayfocused without the distraction of being online (busses/boats)
  • She is able to get in the zone when working ata cafe
  • She seeks out a location and sets up shop fora couple of hours then walks to a new location
  • It hasn't always been easy because ofunreliable Internet access or dealing with plugs or noisy environments,but since she's gotten used to it she really loves to change up herworking environment everyday. She also likes the idea that shesometimes has to travel to get to where she's working whether it bewalking, cycling, or jumping on the metro.


  • Shes a big fan of listening to and watchingTED videos. She puts aside 10-20 minutes a week to take herself outside ofthe normal content she digests everyday
  • Developed a great network with co-mentors whomentor each other. She found these people through summits andconferences she's been to through Young Entrepreneur Council. Shelikes how they hold her accountable, help her raise her game, give herfeedback, and act as her advisor board.
  • Loves business books, particularly Seth Godin,Steven Pressfield (Do The Work), Guy Kawasaki (Social media and building acompany), Eric Reese (The Lean Startup Method),
  • She makes sure to attend at least one Webinar(Hubspot), seminar, or teleseminar a week because it's an hour ofknowledge investment.


  • A huge portion of the population is now onlineusing social media and if your business is not on there you're justmissing out. Operating on social media has revolutionized Nataliesbusiness because she's built her business using it. Shes verysurprised to hear people say social media is a fad because Harvard andBrown universities are even teaching courses on the use of social media.

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