How to Make Your Ecommerce Website User Friendly

Find the Best Ecommerce Platform

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Before you can build a user-friendly ecommerce website, you should look for a good ecommerce provider that offers an excellent ecommerce platform. It should have security features, ability to maintain a high uptime on the website, good technical support, and a wide variety of payment options such as PayPal, credit cards and checks. You should research different ecommerce providers and talk to those you know who have online stores to get recommendations.

Buy a Memorable and Short Domain Name

Another thing you should do is purchase a short and memorable domain name for your ecommerce website. Make sure the domain name reflects the nature of your business and that it will be something potential customers will recognize. To avoid a potential lawsuit from others, you want to make sure that others do not have the same domain name as you.

Simple Navigation Is Important

When using your ecommerce platform, you want to make sure that the ecommerce website is easy to navigate for users. And make sure the user menu is located on the side of the home page or at least somewhere near the middle section of the home page.


Ecommerce websites are necessary for small businesses because they allow the businesses to reach more people on a daily basis. Every few months you should update security features and settings on your ecommerce website so that it will be user friendly for years to come. Be sure to update product and price listings and make sure your payment options are still working for customers. If you need technical support, you can contact the providers customer service number for assistance. Finally, you want to research new ways to maintain the ecommerce website.

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