Money Making Ideas Come At The Strangest Times

Have you ever had that light bulb moment that exclaims "ka-ching!" - a great idea that unexpectedly came to mind that you know could prove useful to your venture?

Writers and people who make money have something similar the best ideas sprout at the weirdest, most unexpected times.

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Writers get inspired with amazing plots while sitting on the crapper. Entrepreneurs find brand-spanking new ideas by playing with window blinds. Dr. House discovers diagnosis while insulting a patient or watching ER with his feet up on a comatose patient's bed. Musicians come up with the best songs while hearing multitude of sounds from everywhere. A lot of these ideas find themselves out of the curb, like some Paradise Lost that has great potentials for money, a book deal, saved lives and a recording contract.

There's a number of ways to make sure you don't lose that funny joke or that awesome product. Here are a few of them:

Do it, do it now !

The simplest method is the most obvious. You get a good idea, you act on it!

If I suddenly come up with some potentially Pulitzer winning material, I write as much about it before the rush and the thrill goes away. Before the memory and clarity of vision slips away, I put them in writing for future visualization exercises. I list down my ideas as they come and I don't give an arse on how crappy my handwriting looks. If an uber-product suddenly comes to mind, one that could conquer an entire niche all by itself, I write down schematics, mind-map it and brainstorm it lickety-split.

Taking down notes saves my wall and my head from the banging that usually ensues when I forget and can't recall something, even after gobbling down as many nuts as I can to boost my memory. Having my notes documented also means my brain cells are well and protected, ready to give me more amazing ideas.

The pen is mightier than the sword

If you can't act on it immediately perhaps because you're driving or having your physical exam, make sure that you write it down as soon as you possibly can. If you're out and about town and you get a light bulb moment, stopping for a while to write down your thoughts is feasible. However, it won't be if you don't have a pen and paper with you. Now here's the realization that we can't take small things like pen and paper for granted.

If you don't have PNP, you might have a cellphone or just like many of the working group, a laptop. You could use that to make a quick note with a few important keywords. Whats important is that if you can't act on it yet, you make a note somewhere, somehow, even if it means writing it down on the palm of your hands - words that when you see can trigger that fantastic Eureka moment, and you don't necessarily have to be in the bathtub either.

Abuse it . Use it.

Well, if you get ideas at the most random times, why not go and have some random times? Walk down a different street sometime or find a new route to work. Skim a different menu by trying out another resto. Something new and unfamiliar can trigger a mental stimulation and might just bring about your own Eureka moment. At the very least, you get to see new things.

Whats important here is that you are aware that you can get an awesome idea, maybe even a life-changing one at that wherever you may be, and that you make a commitment to that big possibility. If that means carrying a pad with you everywhere, do it. If that means putting those same pads and pens with your toilet paper in the bathroom, then do it.

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