Making your workplace better through health and...

Making your workplace better through health and wellness programs is a smart idea, and improving the overall health and wellness of your employees is as simple as implementing the following tips.

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Educate your employees.

We live in an ignorant world, and most of your employees may not realize that they are investing in unhealthy habits. One of the best ways to improve overall health and wellness is to educate your employees and treat them to healthy perks.

For example, hang up posters in your kitchen or cafeteria that discuss healthy food options versus unhealthy food options. Some of your employees may not realize how bad their brown bag lunch really is until they see the poster.

You can also bring in motivational speakers or health professionals to provide a lunchtime seminar to your employees that discusses ways to stay healthy while in the workplace.

If you want to treat your employees to a perk, you can always bring in a yoga instructor and offer weekly classes. Once you get your employees educated in how to live a healthier lifestyle, they'll be able to practice on their own.

Schedule health screenings.

As adults, most people will only visit the doctor when something is wrong, and this is not smart. Rather than force your employees to take time off work to visit the doctor and pay their copay for a checkup, bring a doctor into the workplace and provide free health screenings as well as vaccinations such as the flu shot.

When you offer this to your employees, you're allowing them to get an overall picture of their health without having to go to the doctor, and you're also providing them with preventative methods to keep them healthy during flu season.

Start an exercise group.

If you have the space and the resources, placing a gym inside your facility is a great way to increase health and wellness in the workplace because your employees can workout before or after work or during their lunch break, and they don't have to leave work to do it.

This makes working out so much more convenient to your employees, and it gets them more interested in actually doing it.

If you don't have the space, start your own exercise program. Get a few employees together to take walks during your lunch breaks or sign up for a Weight Watchers program together. When you have a group of people depending on you, it makes it harder to quit.

Offer an incentive program.

There are plenty of incentive programs that you can create to get your employees on track to being healthy. Check with your healthcare provider and see if you can reduce the amount of insurance premiums if your employees are tobacco-free. This not only provides a benefit to those who are already healthy, but it also gives an incentive to help those employees who are currently using tobacco to quit.

Provide healthier food and drink items.

If you have vending machines in your office, make sure to have them stocked with healthier food and drink options instead of the normal unhealthy snacks.

If you remove the bad food and drinks from the workplace, it forces your employees to make healthier decisions.

If you have a cafeteria in your office, make sure that the food you're serving on a regular basis to your employees is also healthy. Try and refrain from the deep fried foods and keep menu items as healthy as possible.

Improving the overall health and wellness of your office is a smart move to make.

Not only will it make your employees healthier, but it will improve their morale, which will increase their productivity and make them enjoy coming to work.

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